Aidan’s Birthday in Kerry

Well last weekend myself and my mate John toddled off down to Kerry to see Aidan for his birthday. I wasn’t feeling too well last week so I only booked the train tickets the day before and had to book first class. “Had to book” sounds like it was a hardship but there was plenty of legroom. 🙂 The train left Dublin bang on 8.30am and arrived at Killinary station dead on midday where Aidan picked us up for the drive out to his place. He lives pretty close to Waterville but the location is pretty remote and there’s no mobile phone reception (for my network anyway). 🙁

Saturday was spent playing Monkey Ball and some of the other GameCube games I brought. We also got to mess about with Aidan’s bow and arrow that he bought after our trip to Trabolgan a couple of years ago. Tony in Legolas mode I wasn’t too bad but Aidan hit the target pretty much every shot but I suppose he has the time and space to practice down there. We went out on Saturday night to Waterville for food and then to the local nightclub which was great craic. Aidan and John were quite drunk and we got a lift home from Eoin (Aidan’s best mate) getting in at bout 4. When the door was opened John went and fell straight in onto the floor of the patio. He then proceeded to try and sleep there but eventually, after phone calls and falling about, we all went to bed. Sunday was much of the same and then we came back on the Monday arriving back in Dublin about 5.

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