Friday at the Inter

Popped in to the International last night to catch up with a few of the people I met at the meetup last week. Unfortunately there wasn’t a large crowd but the atmosphere was still quite good for the amount that were there. The comedians on were:

  • Jarlaith Regan: Started off with some cheesey jokes and had a nice conversational style. Some of his delivery reminded me of Jimmy Carr but overall it was a decent set.
  • Bernard O’Shea: Have seen this guy a couple of times now and was impressed by the new material he was doing. Thought his Nescafe/Walnut Whip routine was excellent. 😆
  • Tommy Nicholson: Top of the bill was Tommy Nicholson, the man from Navan. I had heard quite a bit about Tommy since he’s been supporting Des Bishop at Vicar Street and is at regular at the Inter. I’d say Tommy is a naturally comedic man and his set was very good.

Aidan Bishop was hosting and I think that he’s learning his trade and has improved since I last saw him. Overall a night well spent and I’ll be going badk to the Inter a lot more over the coming months.

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