Gamecon 6

Well I’m at Gamecon at the moment and have been for the past…..eeemmmm….14 hours. 😕 Starting to get really tired but the event has been really good. It’s being hosted in the CityWest Conference Centre near Saggart and the venue is nice and big. For the unitiated Gamecon is a LAN gaming event where punters take along their XBoxs and PCs to play against each other in various competitions. There’s quite a few prizes on offer but I haven’t been able to get far in any of the comps. Probably down to my lack of practice. 😆 Anyhoo, I’ll post pics to Flickr (I have already but I need a couple more) on Monday after I’ve recovered. 6 hours to go. 😯

Follow Up: The event was great as I said but I was exhausted the next day. My dad picked me up at 10am so I had been at the event for 23 straight hours. 😯 I got a couple of hours sleep when I got home and thenI had to go out to my auntie’s place for dinner. One of the lads mentioned another LAN event, Darkside, which is on next month but I’m not too sure if I want to go to another one so soon.

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