Brian O’Driscoll

The title of the post probably doesn’t make much sense but Brian O’Driscoll is the captain of the Irish rugby team who unfortuneatly lost to France last weekend in the Six Nations. I’m not a hardcore rugby fan but I’d sit down and watch a game but have to admit that France were the better side on the day. The reason for making Brian’s name the title of this post was a running joke myself, Mark and Dave had in the pub on Saturday night. There was a guy sitting next to us who looked like Brian so whenever he passed our table we’d say “Brrrriiiiaaannnnnnn O’Driscoll”. I don’t think he noticied but it was pretty funny to us at the time. 🙂

As I mentioned I was in the pub with Mark and Dave on Saturday night for a while. We only went down for a couple of hours as myself and Dave are off the booze at the moment. Mark and Dave hadn’t seen each other in about a month and a half because they are on opposite ends of shift work. It was good to see the lads anyway and catch up with whats going on. Myself and Mark are planning to go to Spain in August as my uncle owns an apartment near Alicante in Spain. It’ll just be for ten days or so but the break’ll do us good. Apart from that I finished off my cousin’s new PC on Saturday and have been meaning to tidy my room as well.

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