Helen and Eamonn’s Wedding

Well, my best friend Helen is now officially married to Eamonn. 🙂 The ceremony took place in St. Margaret’s Chapel in Edinburgh Castle and was about the most romantic setting you could have picked. They’ve both been planning the day for the some time and I know they couldn’t wait for it to arrive. The day started early for me at 5am when I got a taxi to the airport for the flight over at 7am. The taxi flew along the M50 and I was there at 5.30am and Anne-Marie (who was so good to accompany me for the trip) was due to arrive at 6. The flight was quite nice with the sun coming up over the clouds and we arrived at our hotel in Edinburgh at about 10am with the ceremony due to start at 2. The hotel was lovely and we settled into the room before going for breakfast and then coming back to get ready.

As I said the ceremony took place in one of Edinburgh’s oldest buildings at the summit of Edinburgh Castle so, as you can imagine, it was quite cold. Freezing to be exact. 🙁 Anyhow, Helen looked fantastic and was flanked by her bridesmaids (her sisters) and Mum when she entered the chapel. The capacity for the chapel is only 20 so we went to grab a coffee while the ceremony took place and then went up to meet them when it was finished. They both looked so happy and it was really nice to see one of your friends take such a big step. 😀

After the ceremony we went back to the hotel for the dinner and reception. We were staying on the same floor as the reception room so it was handy to be able to pop back and forth. Before we knew it, it was time for the speechs and they were delivered with aplomb and humour by all. Then it was time for the DJ so we all popped downstairs while they set up the room and then resumed the dancing etc until the early hours of the morning at which point we were about ready to collapse with exhaustion. All in all, a fantastic day and all the best to both of them.

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