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Suas and Sios

Suas (pronounced sue-as), the irish word for up and Sios (pronounced she-os), the irish word for down describe this weekend. On Friday I went to football with the lads but caught my finger in the railings while running along the side of the pitch. It dislocated and I got Clive to pull it back into place. It was really sore afterwards and swelled up but I was glad it hadn’t broken. Was pleased with my goal-scoring performance afterwards though.

Saturday I lazed about the house for the majority of the day and then headed into town to meet Anne-Marie and her mates for her birthday do. We went to 4 Dame Lane, a nice pub (bit hot and the music was a tad too loud) in the centre of the city. I only knew Anne-Marie and there were loads of people there so I eventually got chatting to Maria (Anne-Marie’s mate) who by all accounts was very friendly and particularly good looking. 🙂 After 4 Dame Lane we headed around the corner to a club called Ri-Ra where we stayed until about 3 and then headed off home. They got a taxi home and I went for the nitelink which I just about caught. Unfortuneatly when I got on the bus there was a running fight going on upstairs. They wouldn’t calm down at all so the gardai were called and took them off the bus and arrested one punter. Have never seen that much trouble on the bus before but it lead to a 25 minute delay in getting home.

Today I was up relatively early for an away game with the team. The game was against Baldoyle United but it was on out in Malahide for some reason. 😐 Anyway, the conditions were absolutley atrocious with heavy rain on an already wet pitch leading to a really scrappy game. Baldoyle went on to win 4-1 due to some bad defending and a lack of concentration. 🙁

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