Crazy Busy

The past week has just been really busy. Ryan, the head consultant on the project I work on, left last Friday for a new job in politics so we’ve been adjusting to the change since. Myself and the project manager have been taking on the workload since but it has been one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in work. 🙁 Outside of work, I had training on Monday out in Dunboyne then the cinema with Mark on Tuesday (see the Team America post below) and then down to Kenny’s on Wednesday for the United Vs Chelsea cup game. I was due to go to the cinema with Helen last night but one of her relations passed away and, understandably, she didn’t feel up to it. Tonight is football with the lads and tomorrow I should be seeing Dave and Mark for a few DVDs and pizza. 🙂 Hopefully next week won’t be so busy.

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