“Jeez, it’s hot in here!”

If you’ve ever been to the International Comedy Club then you’ll be able to relate to the title of this post. The place was absolutely jammers last night as I suspect the word got out about Ardal O’Hanlon doing a set. Luckily the group I was with, who I know from the forum, were allowed in early as we had planned to meetup there. It was so jammed that they were forced to put on a second show downstairs which I haven’t seen since I’ve been going there. 😯 Anyhow, the gig itself was excellent. It was kicked off by Penny Tration, a comedian and singer whos lyrics had a sexual slant as suggested by her name. 🙂 She was very funny and was followed by Ardal O’Hanlon who was testing out some new material. He went down a storm as ya would expect and didn’t seem half as nervous as he was the last time I saw him live in Lucan.

After the interval a friend of mine, Robbie Bonham, from Des’ forum was performing a 5 to 7 minute set (:neutral:) but he had planned to use a flip chart as he’s very good at art and sketching. Due to how full it was however he couldn’t use it (there were people seated on the stage) and came up with an excellent routine which was very well received. After Robbie finished Des came on to do a set which was more improv than structured but was very funny. 🙂 All in all it was an excellent night and the people I met from the forum were really sound.

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