Gamecon 5 and last weekend

Last weekend was hectic. Aidan (a mate from college) came up to Dublin for Gamecon 5. It’s basically a bunch of blokes getting together to play games for 24-hours. All the PCs are connected so you can play multiplayer team based games. I took a half day on the Friday and a few of the lads (Darren, Paddy and John) came over for beers etc. Gamecon started at 9am on Saturday but we didn’t get there till 11 but it didn’t matter as I had prepaid with the credit card.

It was a great event, well organised and a fair amount of people there (~100). Knackered the next day and we had to go over to Glasnevin to drop off a few books to Aidan’s mate. Hit Eddie Rockets while we were over there and, despite intitial protests from Aidan, he agreed we made the right choice instead of McDonalds. Saw Hero on Sunday night and it is by all accounts a beautiful film. Excellent use of colours and imagery combined with a solid story and special effects. Thumbs up.

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