Dunboyne AFC

New Season

Well the new season is about to get underway with the first training session for the kids lads this Wednesday. The past two training sessions have been cancelled due to the atrocious weather we’ve been having but I hope it stays dry for Wednesday. Have to tackle the issue of the footballs we use with the team. I’m not happy with the ones we were using last year as they were really hard and heavy and it doesnt do anyone any good.

The lads won’t learn proper control and skill through using a ball which feels like a medicine ball from a gym. That needs addressing so I’ll have a word with a few of the other lads from the club when I’m over there and see what we can sort out. I’ve high hopes for the lads this season so hopefully they’ll do alright. I just want to develop them as players and individuals. They’re not going to become the Arsenal of the Dublin Boys League but they can improve their technique and introduce a bit of, how you say, va-va-voom. 🙂

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