Gotta use it more…

I gotta start learning to use the blog more. It’s getting ridiculous cos I set it up and continue to upgrade and improve it but just don’t use it. So, I’ve decided to teach myself to use it more. I’m gonna post about links I find on the web more and hopefully include more “diary” posts as I like to look back on whats gone on in my life over the past while.

Went down to see Frank Flynn an old college friend today at lunch. He’s working in the college and one of his work mates had a problem setting up Tomcat on her machine. I said I’d have a look but I spent an hour and a quarter at it and still couldn’t get it. I’m sorta out of practice at the moment with Java/Tomcat as I haven’t used it since college and have been doing PHP/ASP/whatever work ever since. Gonna research the errors and get back to them via mail cos I’m busy over the next while. Gotta watch the second last episode of 24 season 3, as I taped it on Monday and haven’t had time to watch it since. 😐

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