Fahrenheit 9/11

Most people are now aware of how Michael Moore feels about the Bush administration and current American foreign policy. His latest film, Fahrenheit 9/11, focuses on Bush and the “War on Terror” illustrating in graphic detail the ineptitude that the American president has shown over his four years in the Oval Office. Indeed, Moore doesn’t need to try that hard to make Bush look stupid as there is a library of TV footage to pull from. The real power of this film is that, while one-sided, it collects together facts and events which the ordinary person on the street may not have been aware of. The links between the Bush family, the Saudis and american business interests are particularly striking. Moore tends to take a backseat as narrator and this works well, lending more credibility to the film due to its focus on input from political figures and particularly members of the public. There are problems with the film in that it is biased but that is probably inevitable and it can also become a personal attack on Bush in places. This is a well crafted documentary though and its power will, hopefully, be felt in November. America is now in a position to punish Bush for his poor leadership and decision making. Lets hope they take it.

Rating: 4/5

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