Almost over

Well, Orion (my final year project) was finally handed in on Monday. Had a nightmare job finishing it. Got an hours sleep from Sunday to Monday as I printed it out on a mates printer. Took a day and an age because there was so much of it. Well, at least I wasn’t in Dar’s position. He had to pay 95 euro to get his printed and bound. A ridiculous amount of money. I have my presentation to do tomorrow and that’ll be the end of college. Hopefully it’ll go well.

Saw the Matrix: Reloaded on Thursday 22nd. The action sequences were out of this world but there is a lot of story to take in with just one sitting. Will be seeing it again soon to pick up the stuff I didn’t get the first time round. The Animatrix is also out soon on DVD so I’ll probably buy that. Have downloaded the ones they made available via the Web and they’re fantastic.

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