Welcome to Jackass

Well, I saw Jackass: The Movie yesterday and have to say I thought it was brilliant. Some of the stunts were outrageous. Favourites include: rocket skates, golf buggies and golf air-horn. ๐Ÿ˜† I had to write up a review for the Voice and have to do the other piece about ILM tomorrow morning.

I rang California yesterday and got to talk to Rob Coleman, Lead Animator with ILM, so I was chuffed. We’re talking about maybe getting it syndicated to the Irish Times or the Irish Independent. I also have to learn all the material for DAPPS tomorrow so it’ll be a busy day. Later.

Tell Me Why..

…I don’t like Mondays. Well, mainly because I had an AI exam today. It didn’t go too badly and I think I did alright. Will just have to wait for the results. I also have another test on Thursday for Distributed Applications and I’ll put work in over the next few days covering that.

I have to go over to USI HQ tonight to phone Industrial Light and Magic the company behind the SFX for such films as Star Wars and Forrest Gump. I’ll be interviewing one of their artists for the magazine. Ryan, my editor, has got a ticket for Jackass today so I’ll probably head along to see that. Oh and before I go I better mention the site re-design for Sitepoint, one of my favourite sites. Step by their site and make sure to check out the forums.

Weekend of Study

That’s what I have ahead of me this weekend. ๐Ÿ™ After last weeks shenanigans it’s a real wake up call. I’ve got two exams for 20% of each topic next week. One of the tests requires writing code on paper from your head, a pretty daunting prospect whatever way you look at it. I’m starting to study tonight but want to get a bit of work done on Orion tomorrow.

Got a shock on Tuesday as I say a dead cat near my bus stop which I thought was one of mine. Turned out it wasn’t though but felt sorry for the owners as it didn’t look like an old cat. Anyhow will post again tomorrow.

No to War

Attended the Dublin leg of the International ‘No to War’ March on Saturday. It was the largest single march here for 20 years with up to 100,000 people taking to the streets. The atmosphere was excellent with people from all walks of life joining in and showing their support. It shows that not all people in this country are apathetic. I’ll have the digital pics I took up soon but for now check out IndyMedia.ie.

Also had a mad weekend on the social front. Went out on Saturday and Sunday nights and am still feeling the effects. ๐Ÿ™‚ Twas great craic though and myself, Dave and Mark are to appear in the local paper during the week. If I was to go into detail on the details of last night you would indeed be shocked. Till next time.

The Long Goodbye

Roy Keane finally released a statement today and confirmed my fears – he’s to retire from international football. I’ve been a Man Utd supporter for years but this decision really bewilders me. Would a few international matches really have hingered his fitness all that much? I don’t think so and it’s a major letdown for the country.

Worked a bit on a distributed applications assignment we got tonight. It’s really tough and I’ll have to put a lot of work into it tomorrow. Decided to give the Valentine’s Ball in college a miss cos I’ll be going out for my mate Mark’s birthday on Saturday. Dragging a few of the lads from college along aswell so it should be a bit of a laugh. ๐Ÿ˜‰