1. whoopsadaisy   •  

    Oh goodness! Four identical babies are a little freaky looking :)
    Lol @ the baby at the bottom sucking his thumb and just giving a token giggle every now and then 😀

    Great find :)

  2. Green Of Eye   •  

    Is it bad that i found this ever so slightly terrifying?! 😯

  3. raptureponies   •  

    Awww, i can’t believe I actually giggled! :)

  4. anthony   •     Author

    @whoopsadaisy: Ha, I hadn’t spotted him not participating fully.

    @Green of Eye: The Laughing Babies, coming this Halloween at a cinema near you.

    @Lottie: Yeah but he’s really famous. These four deserve some fame too.

    @raptureponies: :)

  5. They have fame!! They were on Oprah (not that I watch Oprah….ahem)

    They went from being really cute babies to kinda…ugly little girls… 😕

  6. Darren   •  

    Actually that’s…..well, it’s a bit….I don’t think….creepy ass motherfucking babies. No! No no no!

  7. obscure0bject   •  

    That would be the ultimate nightmare for me (hope not)!!

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